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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BlackBerry App World

"BlackBerry App World" lets you personalize your BlackBerry with tons of great apps while you on the go. In order to access those free BlackBerry apps arround the world, you must have BlackBerry App World installed into your BlackBerry phone.

The problem is BlackBerry App World is support selected country only. Like
Malaysia is the country DOESN'T support this app. However, there is a alternative way for user to download this app and run it in every country / region.

Dowbload to PC, install via BlackBerry Desktop Manager
click HERE

How To Install BlackBerry App World
1) Unzip the downloaded file. It consist of 2 files in the same folder.
2) Connect Blackberry device to computer by using cable
3) Make sure your PC has Blackberry Desktop Manager and internet access
4) Launch Blackberry Desktop Manager then click on Application Loader
5) Select Add/Remove Applications
6) Click Browse button and select the *.alx file where you have downloaded
7) Click next button. Done

For those who using BlackBerry OS5.0. you may need to follow here to install BlackBerry App world

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  1. Hi. I'm a new user. I just bought Bold 9700 last week. I want to install Blackberry App World but I have a concern here. Ok, when my phone was connected to the computer for the first time, the BB Desktop Manager did search for software update. As a newbie, i just followed the sequence and it took me slightly more than an hour to complete the task. Now, i want to add this BB Apps World into my phone. I followed your guideline, and it appears to be the same as the first time i connect the phone (all the applications that were installed are been checked). Do i have to go through the same process again? or can i just uncheck the application that is already existed? Thanks

  2. Hi there. If you have updated your application once, then its ok. you dont have to uncheck the items. just add BB apps world, then just click next, and it will install only the BB apps world. It will take about 10 seconds.

    Good Luck trying!

  3. I have download the zip file and upload it successful according to your instruction, but i could find any black berry application world logo in my phone, is it because of im using the new 5.0 OS? please advise

  4. For those who using BlackBerry OS5.0. you may need to follow here to install BlackBerry App world

  5. Personally I find the app store very satisfactory. It’s got all the business apps I want like taxi magic and world mate and all of that, and less of the trash apps that are cluttering up the iphone store. Sooner or later that iphone app store’s going to be like a garage sale, mostly crap with a few gems, but if the BB app world does it right they’ll be able to filter out the useless bits.

  6. try to upgrade Blackberry App World and I get a message that says "Blackberry App World is not available for download from Blackberry App world". Any ideas as i also get this same message on all upgrades I try to download