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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to make your BlackBerry battery last longer

  • Delete unwanted application to free up more memory
  • Go to option > screen/keyboard, change backlight brightness to “10”
  • Turn off Bluetooth if not using
  • Turn off WIFI if not using
  • Turn off GPS if not using
  • Turn off 3G services. For normal usage, EDGE is more than enough
  • Always perform memory cleaning – go to option > security options > memory cleaning, press menu button, clean now
  • Turn off event log – at home screen, hold alt button, then press “GLGLG”. Press menu button > options, highlight any event log, press menu button and select “hide all types”. Save setting and quit.

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  1. Stop being a low battery loser like those iPhone wall huggers (because they gotta stay near the power point) and use my top tips to keep your phone going - Stop being a app stacker and turn them off when not using them. BONUS!!! TIP!!! Lucky you you get a free bonus tip here it is drum roll please use standby mode.... WOW!!!