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Saturday, October 10, 2009

How To Backup Blackberry 3rd Party Application

I believe many of you have experience to upgrade you Blackberry device OS or wipe handheld to default setting when encounter error. No doubt, by doing this it may solve your blackberry’s issue, but your will lost all your data.

Even though you can restore the backup from Desktop Manager (provided you have the backup file), but you still lost all those 3rd party application. The only way you can do is install back each application one by one at OTA.

Today I will share the idea to backup those 3rd applications at you Blackberry device. With simple steps, you will able to restore back all application without download it again at OTA. Following are the step by step…

1) Please install Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 (You can download it at
2) Connect Blackberry device to computer
3) Launch Blackberry Desktop Manager then click on Device Switch Wizard

4) Select “Third-party Applications” only then click Next

5) At this point, Desktop Manager will back up 3rd party apps. When finished PLEASE DO NOT CLICK NEXT OR CANCEL.
6) Using Windows build-in Search feature to search the folder with same name with your Blackberry PIN and *.alx file. (make sure you enable hidden files & folders searching) Usually you can get your folder at below location

C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Name]\Local Settings\Temp

7) Make a copy for both the folder and *.alx. All these files are your 3rd party application backup. Please keep it in a safer place.
8) Go back to the Desktop Manager and cancel the process.

How To Restore Back Your 3rd Party Application
1) Connect Blackberry device to computer
2) Launch Blackberry Desktop Manager then click on Application Loader
3) Select Add/Remove Applications
4) Click Browse button and select the *.alx file where you have backup
5) Click next button to restore. Done.

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