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Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to sync BlackBerry contact to Outlook

Make sure your Ms Outlook is installed and setup correctly. Personal folder *.pst file must be created with Outlook. You may create a new *.pst file at Control panel-Click on Mail icon. (In this post, I assume you should setup Outlook correctly).

Connect you BlackBerry smartphone to PC with USB cable.
Run Blackberry Desktop Manager, click Synchronize, then click on configure synchronization. (below screen will appear)

Click the Synchronization button at the right side.
The Intellisync windows will appear, check the “Address Book”.
System will ask you to select desktop application, please select Microsoft Outlook then click next.
Select you desire direction of synchronization. Usually I will select “one way sync from device to Outlook”. This is mean BlackBerry smartphone to overwrite Outlook. (no change to Blackberry smartphone). Click next.
Select you Outlook profile then click next and finish. (see below screen)

At this point, you should go back to BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Click the synchronize at the left side and click the synchronize button at the middle of screen.

Synchronization is begin…….

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