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Sunday, January 9, 2011

FaceChat - Free Facebook Chat App

As you know RIM official Facebook app doesn’t support Facebook chat, therefore here I would like to introduce an app that allow you to chat in Facebook while you on the go.

With JaredCo’s FaceChat you’re always hooked in and in touch with your facebook friends. Very important is totally……..Free !

Detail features:
• Chat simply, easily, seamlessly on Facebook from your BlackBerry. Anyone can do it.
• See who’s on line after logging on to your FB account.
• See on-line friends’ Facebook avatars so you know who’s on the grid at a glance.
• Carry on multiple chats simultaneously with a clean interface so you know who’s talking.
• Once logged in faceChat will give you a vibrating notification letting you know one of your Facebook friends sent you a message.

You will need to have your Facebook Username to log in NOT your email address. If you don't have Username at your Facebook, please sign into Facebook on your computer go to account and choose help center! Then type in the searchfield 'username' then its the top answer that comes up! Follow the link and set your username! Sign out of facebook and sign back in! Now just open up FaceChat and use that username and your normal Facebook Password

To download FaceChat please click here.