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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blackberry Swiss Army Knife Tool (BBSAK)

Most BlackBerry advance users should know about JL_Cmdr. If you have a bricked device and no other way to try, JL_Cmdr comes to the rescue.

JL-Cmdr is a DOS base application running in Windows. No doubt, JL_Cmdr is an useful application but it outdated UI still waiting to improved. Due to that, Blackberry Swiss Army Knife Tool (BBSAK) comes into place serve as a replacement with nicer GUI and user friendly.

BBSAK builds upon the functionality of JL_Cmdr, even more than what JL_Cmdr can perform. BBSAK gives you the ability to take screenshots, perform a factory reset, wipe a device, load an OS, backup 3rd party application, load device application, install COD files and a lot more.

I would say this application is MUST HAVE in your PC/Laptop. I highly recommend having it installed just for standby. If you are BlackBerry advance user, you will certainly need this application often.

BBSAK is free, but need registration before download

Blackberry Swiss Army Knife Tool (BBSAK)

*Using JL_Cmdr or BBSAK might run the risk of damage your device - use at your own risk*

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