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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Step by step to configure Blackberry as Tethered Modem (for Maxis and Celcom)

You computer must have Blackberry Desktop Manager. This is the most important software must be installed into your computer. You can download at Blackberry Official website.

Please connect your Blackberry Phone to computer with USB cable.
If you already install Blackberry Desktop Manager, you should see a “Standard Modem” under Device Manager. Right click the Standard Modem, and select Properties

Go to Advanced tab – insert the Extra initialization Command as below

For Maxis

For Celcom

Go to Diagnostics tab – press Query Modem button. Make sure you are successful query the modem. If you fail to query, check the USB connection or restart your phone. If you successful, click ok button to close the windows.

Create new internet connection
Go to Control Panel -> Network connections -> click “create new connection”
New connection Wizard will popup – click next
Select “Connect to the internet” – click next
Select “Set up my connection manually” – click next
Select “Connect using a dial-up modem” – click next
Select “Modem – Standard Modem” (See below screenshot) – click next

Give any ISP name – click next
Enter the Phone Number that need to be dial, which is *99# – click next

At this point, you should reach the account and password screen,
For Maxis
Username: maxis
Password: wap

For Celcom
Do not key in anything, just leave it blank and click next

Select “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop” – click finish button

How to connect to the internet
Make sure Dekstop Manager is running and Blackberry phone is connected to computer with USB cable.
Double click on the newly created connection at desktop and click on “Dial”.
Start to surf internet….. Enjoy


  1. will we be charged for using the BB as a modem?

  2. depend which BIS package you sign up with carier. of coz it won't charge if you using unlimited BIS.

  3. thanks for the information hopefully can provide value to the many benefits