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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Curve 8900 Bold 9700 Bold 9000

Just a picture sharing for these 3 models place side by side.....

BlackBerry App World for OS 5.0 for all Countries

Most BlackBerry users know App world is not support all countries. In order to install App World in those country are not supported, you need a special tool as below:

AppWorld 5.0 COD Files
Blackberry Swiss Army Knife Tool (BBSAK) It's free, but need register before download

Step by step to install BlackBerry App world
1) Back Up Your Phone (using Desktop Manager)

2) Make sure Desktop Manager is closed
3) Download The AppWorld COD Files
4) Extract to Your Desktop
5) Run BBSAK, Use “INSTALL COD” feature to Install Both COD Files
6) Done

Please take note above this is support BlackBerry OS 5.0 only. For earlier OS, please follow this

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Official Bold 9000 OS 5.0

Good news for BlackBerry Bold 9000 user which still using OS 4.6 or below. Now you have chance to upgrade your Bold to OS5.0. Please take note, this is not a leaked, this is not a joke, this is TRUE. Official OS5 for Bold 9000 from Bell Mobility Inc.

Please download here

For advance user, I dont think you have any problem to upgrade your BlackBerry OS. But for beginner, following is the step by step to upgrade.... enjoy upgrading

Step by step to upgrade BlackBerry OS