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Monday, October 12, 2009

How to configure email into Blackberry smartphone

Most of people know Blackberry phone allows user to send and receive email with it’s “push email” feature. Basically, there are 2 type of services provided by service provider

Blackberry Enterprise Server
BES is mainly connect to Corporate / Organization email system such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise that allow users always have access to their company email

Blackberry Internet Service
BIS is allows POP3 and IMAP email integration for the personal user. It allows up to 10 email accounts to be accessed, including many popular email clients such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL.

Email configuration in Blackberry phone is extremely simple. If you would like to access personal email such as Yahoo, Gmail… then you need BIS from service provider and just with below simple configuration steps.

How to setup email account on your Blackberry
Press Menu, go to Setup > E-mail setting

You need a Blackberry Account to configure email. If you don’t have, click on “Create New Account” to create one. If you already have, just login with your username and password. Once you already login, you will see below screen

Click “Add My Existing Email Account” to add new email account, below screen will appear

Assume that you would like to configure Yahoo mail into Blackberry phone, just insert your Yahoo email address then follow with the password that use to login to Yahoo mail.

That’s all for the configuration step. Now you are ready to send and receive Yahoo mail. And you can see a new icon added into Blackberry menu.

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