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Sunday, January 17, 2010

BlackBerry App World for OS 5.0 for all Countries

Most BlackBerry users know App world is not support all countries. In order to install App World in those country are not supported, you need a special tool as below:

AppWorld 5.0 COD Files
Blackberry Swiss Army Knife Tool (BBSAK) It's free, but need register before download

Step by step to install BlackBerry App world
1) Back Up Your Phone (using Desktop Manager)

2) Make sure Desktop Manager is closed
3) Download The AppWorld COD Files
4) Extract to Your Desktop
5) Run BBSAK, Use “INSTALL COD” feature to Install Both COD Files
6) Done

Please take note above this is support BlackBerry OS 5.0 only. For earlier OS, please follow this

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  1. WoW man thanks...I've been trying to install the app world for a week without success. With this tool i made it. Thanks a lot. Worked 100% with my BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS 5

  2. Network: WIND Gr
    Data Plan: Unlimited
    Device: Bold 9000
    Error Message: Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the Blackberry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again.

    any help on this?

  3. just battery pull restart your BlackBerry. Make sure BIS is connected then try again....

  4. Wow this is very helpful and useful !! Now I use BB Bold 9700 and now I can have BB App World in my device !!! Thanks :)

  5. woohooo!!! works perfectly on my Bold 9700 maxis...appreciate it..thanks once again..

  6. i get an error when I press (install cod) :

    method not found:'system.string'.

    what is worng?

  7. suspect is your pc problem. Pls try to install with other pc.

  8. any chance of this working on a device without bis?

  9. i cant register to download the swiss army tool

  10. It works!!!!!! (8520, os 5.0)

  11. i just done the full operating system upgrade and downloaded bb app world again about ten minutes ago, and the error message its giving me is please vertify your network connections and try again later ? what do i do!

  12. Does this work around function with OS 6.0 BlackBerry Torch?

  13. it's not working for me, when i click on the icon it says it can't connect to the app world server and i have to check my network service. any help?

  14. Gotta love this phone! My friends introduced it to me. And since I've started using it (for about three months now), it made my life easier. Its design is slick and stylish. And its features and applications are also cool. You just have to take good care of this phone for it to last a lifetime.

  15. Please help me! i have got a blackberry torch with OS 6 installed.... i would like to use the app world badly, the app world does not support in my country...... if thers away... please let me know

  16. whatsapp application doesnt start.. using 8520 curve OS 5,

    shows java runtime error..

  17. thanks man, you can also get how to create your own blackberry service book yourself at

  18. getting error in system check while connecting my smartphone in step 2 on bb app world..
    error is "An error has occurred communicating with the BlackBerry App World Web plugin. Please restart your device and try again. If you have content protection enabled on your device, please disable and try again"
    plz help what to do.. tried all ways..

  19. hey thanks for sharing how to download blackberry world. this is very nice article.

  20. their are many sites for providing links to download blackberry app world. but your post is awesome.