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Friday, May 21, 2010

BlackBerry App World

"BlackBerry App World" lets you personalize your BlackBerry with tons of great apps while you on the go. In order to access those free BlackBerry apps arround the world, you must have BlackBerry App World installed into your BlackBerry phone.

The problem is BlackBerry App World is support selected country only. Like
Malaysia is the country DOESN'T support this app. However, there is a alternative way for user to download this app and run it in every country / region.

Dowbload to PC, install via BlackBerry Desktop Manager
click HERE

How To Install BlackBerry App World
1) Unzip the downloaded file. It consist of 2 files in the same folder.
2) Connect Blackberry device to computer by using cable
3) Make sure your PC has Blackberry Desktop Manager and internet access
4) Launch Blackberry Desktop Manager then click on Application Loader
5) Select Add/Remove Applications
6) Click Browse button and select the *.alx file where you have downloaded
7) Click next button. Done

For those who using BlackBerry OS5.0. you may need to follow here to install BlackBerry App world

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  1. can i know more abt BB??
    coz im new user n my BB is old model BB 8310 dont have chinese version. whr can i hv it?can u email me??

    hope to see u soon can discuss more abt BB