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Sunday, April 18, 2010

BlackBerry Redirector

Is there any way to send / receive company mail in your BlackBerry smartphone without BES? The answer is YES. You can use “Blackberry Redirector” feature in Desktop Manager.

There something I need to clarify first before we move further. The key difference between BES and BlackBerry Redirector is BES listens at the mail server level, where BlackBerry Redirector listens at the individual PC level. Therefore, your company PC must be stay on in order to send / receive email.

Let’s start to setup BlackBerry Redirector in your company PC
1) If you haven’t install Desktop Manager (DM) yet, please install it now. During installation, you will reach below screen. If you already installed DM, you may need to go to control panel, add/remove program, double click BlackBerry DM, select modify. Then you will reach below screen too.

2) Please select “Integrate with a work email account”, then click next. You will reach below screen. Keep in mind that BlackBerry Redirector is only support limited mail server as below screen. If don’t know which mail server, kindly check with IT in your company.

3) Select the right mail server accordingly. Here I will select “Microsoft Exchange” then click next.

4) Please select “Redirect massages using the BlackBerry Desktop Redirector” then click next until you finish installation.
5) Congratulation. You have completed the setup.

How to configure BlackBerry Redirector
1) Connection your BlackBerry Smartphone to PC with USB cable.
2) Run BlackBerry DM. Usually you will see a windows asking you to choose the MS Outlook profile. Please choose the right Outlook profile then click OK button.
3) There will be an “Email Settings” windows pop up. Just click YES button and follow the step until you completed to generate new encryption key. Please refer to below screen.

4) Once you have finish generate a new encryption key, you will return back to BlackBerry DM main screen. The setup is completed, now you can close the DM and unplug your phone from computer.
5) You will found a new email icon in your BlackBerry Smartphone.
6) In order to send / receive email from your BlackBerry Smartphone, please make sure following applications are ALWAYS STAY ON in your computer.

a. BlackBerry Desktop Redirector (press start button -> all programs -> blackberry)
b. Ms Outlook


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