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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The easiest way to delete all BlackBerry address book contacts

I believe most people will suggest using wipe handheld feature under Phone Option, Security Options, General Settings. By doing this, all address book contact are deleted, but you will also delete everything in your BlackBerry (all setting had been reset back to default setting too).

What about if I need to delete address book contact only without losing any other information from my Blackberry? Instead of delete your address book contact one by one, actually you can do it with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Connect you BlackBerry to PC with USB cable
Run BlackBerry Desktop Manager
Go to Backup and Restore, select Advance, following screen will appear

Highlight “Address book” & “Address book - ALL”, then click the clear button.


  1. Good Tip, sure this will come in very handy.

  2. Please explain the purpose of Address Book and Address Book - ALL

  3. If I go to Device, Clear Data, I'm not able to delete my address book. It says: Read Only, can not be cleared. How can I clear just my address book?


  4. This is the stupidest and most useless "tip" I have come across. It requires having Desktop Manager installed. Does anybody actually use that, if they can help it?

  5. Thanks for sharing this question. I have a great solution of this. Add a new app into your mobile that is multiple contacts delete . This is available for all blackberry mobile models. It’s very helpful application. So install it in your mobile free and paid.