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Friday, February 12, 2010

Disable BlackBerry event log to free up memory

Do you know that your BlackBerry smartphone actually keep track every activity into event log? Event log is located into a secret place and you need special key press to access it. Due to event log keep track everything in your BlackBerry from time to time, therefore it will gradually eat up more system memory.

Usually we don’t need the event log information, I would suggest you disable event log to free up memory. Following is the secret to disable BlackBerry event log.

At BlackBerry home screen press ALT + LGLG
If you successful, you will access to event log windows

Press menu button, select Options to access to EventLogger Option
Press Menu button again, select “Hide all types”
Save and quit.



  1. This does not work. It only hides your log. The only reason it would be going faster is because you delete the current log or do a battery pull. This does nothing.

  2. thanks man, you can also get how to create your own blackberry service book yourself at

  3. Where did you get this? "Hide all" just does exactly that: "HIDES ALL", the log is the same. However, clearing the log makes a difference. My bb used to take up to 8 minutes to start, after clearing the log it takes about 1 minute!

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