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Monday, February 15, 2010

BlackBerry Email Account Type

Blackberry Email via BIS
This is the simplest way to get BlackBerry email with BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services) from the carrier. BIS allow up to 10 email accounts to be configured into BlackBerry. POP3 internet email like or also can be configured into your BlackBerry smartphone.

Blackberry Email via BES
If you would like to get corporate email on your BlackBerry smartphone, you need BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) from carrier. Many companies will set up a BES in their exchange server then manage all the corporate mobile email from a central location.

BlackBerry Email via the BlackBerry Redirector
For corporate users that do not have BES but still want to get corporate email from a BlackBerry smartphone with BIS. They can use “BlackBerry Redirector”. BlackBerry Redirector is a part of the feature in BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

For user who wants to receive corporate email, they can leave their company PC on with BlackBerry Redirector running. The BlackBerry Redirector software will “listen” to the user’s corporate email inbox then forward that email to BlackBerry smartphone.

The key difference between BES and BlackBerry Redirector is BES listens at the server level, where BlackBerry Redirector listens at the individual PC level. Therefore, user PC must be stay on to receive any new email. Anyway, for the corporate user whose company does not yet have a BES, BlackBerry Redirector really come into place to provide alternative solution.

Keep in mind that the BlackBerry Redirector is only for forwarding email to BlackBerry smartphone. To perform other tasks like deleting email, calendar, users must access to PC. Furthermore, BlackBerry Redirector will not function if the PC is turned off.

Check out my coming soon article to configure BlackBerry Redirector

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