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Friday, November 6, 2009

Avatars Are Not Displayed in BBM5

May I know anyone of you encounter above issue? I got many friend complain that BBM5 avatars is not show to other contacts. They can see their own picture but they can’t see other friend picture and other friend also can’t see his picture. I would usually recommend the standard battery pull, having that contact re-load their photo, re-download BBM 5.0 or re-add the contact. There is no guaranty to resolved; even RIM still haven’t provide any absolute resolutions yet (right now).

Here I just want to share my workaround. I found it really work correctly with my BlackBerry.
1. At BBM5, press menu button – option – backup, select back up files locally. (you may need to choose a location to store your backup file)
2. When backup completed, go back to previous screen and select restore.
3. click on “restore using a backup file from device”, choose the backup file you have backed up just now.
4. During restore process, BBM5 will restart automatically.
5. Check your friend contact picture again, it should be able to resolve.

If you had issues where you can’t see your contacts’ avatars be sure to try this workaround and let me know how it works for you in the comments!

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