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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to remove uninstalled App in Blackberry App World

When you uninstall an app from BlackBerry AppWorld, the particular app will fall into Uninstalled/Archive category in My world. Although it provides the fastest way to get it back if needed. The problem is, the uninstalled apps still show up in My World. And also the uninstalled apps will be getting more from time to time if you keep on installing and uninstalling new apps.

There is a simple fix to remove those uninstall app in My World. Just open BlackBerry AppWorld, hold down the "ALT" key while typing the letters “RST”. If you successful, BlackBerry AppWorld will exit automatically. You need to re-open back BlackBerry AppWorld and those uninstalled app will disappear now.

Please take note above method is not apply to BlackBerry AppWorld 2.0 or above. In BlackBerry AppWorld 2.0, the app list will forever contain all apps that you have ever installed, whether free or paid. It will grouped by installed or uninstalled apps. Furthermore, each group can be collapsed, so you don't actually have to see your uninstalled apps at all.



  1. Thanks for another great guide. It is really informative and helpful. Good job. :)

  2. How do I stop receiving Windows msgr live texts to my blackberry. Please HELP! Thank you

  3. Only a few of the apps that I have uninstalled from my world were still showing in the uninstalled list but I wanted them completely gone…. so I tried this. It worked and Thanks for sharing this.

  4. doesnt work
    i tried a pause and cancel process and it didnt work also please help