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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Download OTA link to Desktop

When you found a great app or theme but its only available at OTA, then "BlackBerry OTA Downloader" is come into place to assist you download the OTA files to your desktop.

Instead of enter the full URL of the download on your BlackBerry smartphone, you can just enter the OTA link into BlackBerry OTA Downloader and click download, the program will now download all the required files to your desktop.

Here are the benefits using BlackBerry OTA Downloader
  • Backup OTA downloads on disk.
  • No BlackBerry Internet Services required.
  • Install blackberry OTA themes using your desktop software.

How to use BlackBerry OTA Downloader

  • Download the program and unzip it
  • Run the program by double click the exe file
  • Go to whatever website that's consist of OTA link
  • Right click on the link where you can download the .JAD file, and click "Copy Shortcut”
  • Paste the address in the OTA Downloader and click "Download".
  • At this point, OTA Downloader should download all the necessary files and save into a folder.

How to install the downloaded OTA file into BlackBerry smartphone

  • Connect BlackBerry smartphone to PC with USB cable
  • Copy those downloaded files into the "documents" folder on your BlackBerry Memory Card.
  • Disconnect USB cable
  • At your BlackBerry smartphone, using file explorer to browse into that “documents” folder.
  • Open the .JAD file.
  • Click "download" and it will install the app into your BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry OTA Downloader link:


  1. excellent post been looking for OTA downloader thanx a ton. :)))))))))