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Saturday, July 24, 2010

BlackBerry Shortcut Key while typing message

For BlackBerry newbie, the following BlackBerry shortcut key should be very useful for you.

To insert a period
Press Space key twice

To capitalize a letter
Hold letter key until capitalized letter appears

To type an alternate character on a keypad
Hold Alt key and press character key

To type a number
Hold Alt key and press a number key

To turn on NUM lock
Press Alt key + Left Shift key

To turn on CAP lock
Press Alt key + Right Shift key

To turn off NUM lock or CAP lock
Press Shift key

To switch typing input languages
Press Alt key + Enter key

To type a symbol
Press Symbol key and type the letter that appears below the symbol

To highlight a line or character
Press Shift key and roll Trackball

To cancel a text selection
Press the Escape key

To cut highlighted text when typing
Press Shift key + Backspace/Delete key

To copy highlighted text when typing
Press Alt key + click Trackball

To paste highlighted text when typing
Press Shift key + click Trackball

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  1. Thanks for this. one of my customers was asking for the same, your info helped.