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Friday, December 11, 2009

Maximizing Battery Life On Your BlackBerry

Bad coverage = battery drain
If you are in an area of weak coverage, your battery will drain very quickly. Your BlackBerry smartphone is constantly looking for, finding, and trying hard to receive network signal.

3rd party app running in the background
Make sure that app is closed when you are not using it. For proper apps closing, in the application, bring up your menu, scroll to the bottom and choose “Close” or “Exit”.

Using 3G signal will drain battery fast
GSM/EDGE signal will have better battery life than a 3G. The benefit is that 3G have faster data transfer speeds than their GSM/EDGE. GSM/EDGE is good enough for normal usage and messaging (almost no lagging), therefore you don’t need 3G signal. Only turn on 3G, when you need high speed internet browsing.

Update BlackBerry OS may result in improve battery life
You should always keep the BB OS up to date with the most recent CARRIER AUTHORIZED (NOT Leaked OS). Sometimes a new OS is significantly improving battery life. For example, the most recent OS update for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 improved battery life by almost 50%!

Blackberry smartphone setting
Go to Options-Screen / Keyboard.
Backlight Brightness: The lower setting is helps to conserve battery life.
Backlight Timeout: The longer the screen is on, the more battery you’re using.
Automatically Dim Backlight: While it will help by lighting up the screen when you step into the sun so that you can see it, this feature also allows the BlackBerry device to realize when you are in a darker area and dim your screen accordingly.

Always use BlackBerry holster
Put your BlackBerry smartphone into holster will turn your smartphone into “sleep-mode” in order to conserve battery.

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